KON SAMETI is a 70s style psychedelic hard rock and stoner rock band based in Berlin. Three old friend liked the results of their occasional jam sessions so much, that they decided to call themselves a band and look for gigs. They have played together before in the 70s. It was Harris Johns, who is a wellknown producer in the Punk and Metal scene, Manne M. Basso, who was the “Rock-Beauftragter” of the Berlin senate, where he was responsible for support of the Berlin music scene, and Klaus Walter, who is a professional drummer and drum teacher.  Harris suggested to name the band like the psychedlic underground band that he was part of in 1970.
KON SAMETI was originally founded in 1970 by Shrat (Christian Thiele, Ex-Amon Düül 2) and Harris Johns. They became part of what was called "Krautrock" or "German Underground" and played mainly festivals like the 1970 Burg Herzberg Festival and the "Erste Deutsche progessive Popfestival" in Berlin with Guru Guru, Can, Tangerine Dream, Agitation Free etc..

The reborn KON SAMETI dug out old songs and developed new ones in a similar style. Harris is the lead vocalist, guitarist and composer. Manne plays bass guitar. 2018 drummer Klaus Walter left the band and Lukas, who was a student of his for many years took his place. Their very first public show was at the 2015 Swamp Festival in Berlin. After 49 years KON SAMETI returned to the Burg Herzberg Festival in 2019. The first album “Reborn” is finally out and available on bandcamp. Some of the songs are on YouTube.

RockHard's Frank Schäfer wrote about the 2018 demo: "Psych Rock with energy, which occasionally fires the weed rocket to leave the orbit of the Earth and gives Harris Johns ample scope as a sound innovator and improviser."

Holger Stratmann - RockHard publisher wrote about the album "Reborn": "has its charm when you listen closely... The interaction of the trio is very good"

OXfanzine about the Album "Reborn": "..this is psychedelic stoner rock, which, not least because Harris is German-American, works great vocally. With a very appealing voice. "






back in the days, we were more open
ideas, sounds and smoky nights
out of a dream appeared a wise man
Kon Sameti came alive

the years have past, our minds have bended
we only read the latest page
but some old dreams have never ended
they just looks different gained some age

now make some noise to call the spirit
get some refreshment for your brain
its better than the stuff that kills it
just come along and try again